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Irish/english signs in belfast, NI- opinions?
now, i'm irish (from the republic) so i'm very biased obviously. but i do find it interesting that we're supposed to be ok with our language being called traumatising, when english is not. i am well aware that the actions of the IRA were well terrible- but not all irish speakers are terrorists. (but, he doesn't care if it upsets me haha)
any opinions, thoughts...
It's just a language, get over it! :lol:
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The DUP, trapped in an endless seventeenth century, overlook the fact that the Irish language was suppressed during the Ascendancy. Restoring the language to a few street signs in an Irish speaking area will hardly topple the Union (although Brexit might).

Or, we might say -

Is cuma leis an DUP, atá gafa sa seachtú haois déag gan deireadh, go raibh an Ghaeilge faoi chois le linn na Cinniúna. Is ar éigean go gcuirfidh athbhunú na teanga go cúpla comhartha sráide i gceantar Gaeilge isteach ar an aontas (cé go bhféadfadh Brexit).
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Faraoir, mo chuid Gaeilge an-dona. Rinne caimiléireacht agus fuair cabhair ó Google.


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