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Cant do anything on SFE website??

"Sorry, there is an issue with our service. Try again later."

It's been stuck like this since yesterday? I've tried resetting password and everything and it's not working? I am a new student applying for finance for starting in October 2024

There's only 3 weeks until the deadline, this is really stressful.
Is anyone else experiencing issues too? We've been trying for more than 3 hours now, not including our attempts from yesterday! and the facebook page just says "We're experiencing issues. Sorry" and that's pretty much it. We've rang the support phone and they didn't even know what the problem was and they essentially said they have zero clue what to do.

Help anyone?
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I'm seeing posts from 2-3 weeks ago with the same issue, it must be REALLY BAD if they're telling people to post in applications
Hi there. This is in issue we are aware of at the moment and are hoping for this to be fixed in the next few days. If you would prefer to send a paper application form, you can find this here;
Student finance forms - GOV.UK (
Thanks, David

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