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Behind on my art coursework

I'm in year 10 and I'm doing art gcse. I'm quite behind on my coursework and have to hand it all to my teachers in two days so they can mark it. I'vve been doing work at school and spending all my free time at home doing my art work but I'm still behind and my teachers are starting to get annoyed. I really need advice on what to do. Should I hand it all in unfinished or try and cram it all in. I tried telling my teacher about it and she got fairly upset with me and I'm really stuck.
Hey, I'm in year 11 and why whole life in year 10 was art and always being behind, but it was because i was creating grade 8-9 work so totally worth it. I'm gonna guess that you will get your coursework back after they mark it so i would recommend half cramming it all in, but don't stress out if you don't get it all finished because you'll have time to finish it off over the weekend or half-term or even summer holiday. Don't worry about your teachers, there probably annoyed at you because they want the best for you and are scared that you won't finish it with all the other work you have. I'm wishing the best of luck for you and art, art can really be so annoying to do sometimes because it can consume your life and there's so much to do, but remember to just have fun and relax. If you need any help with art i would love to help.

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