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choices for next year

I am interested in Physics and want to perhaps pursue a career in it. Next year, I'm planning on taking Advanced Higher Physics. Right now, I'm doing National 5 Maths, and next year I'll do Higher Maths. From want I have seen Advanced Higher Physics uses a lot of what you learn in Higher Maths, so I'm wondering how difficult it might be to transition from Higher Physics to AH. Any tips would be helpful.
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Im sitting both advanced maths and physics this year, I’d say the biggest jump in maths used is calculus for advanced physics. You need to be able to derive the equations of motion learned at higher using calculus methods which is something you learn in higher maths. You also need to be able to use calculus with trigonometry for simple harmonic motion. It might be a struggle at first but once you practice it a lot it’ll be fine since those exam questions don’t vary much each year.

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