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Can I still do Vet Nursing?

So originally I did take Physical Science (Chem and Physics in one) but I've had to drop it and change it out with tourism which I don't mind, but now I'm worried I won't be able to do vet nursing. I take Life Science (Biology) and Business studies, will I still be able to study without Physics?
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Yes, you should be able to. You'll need to apply in October for the course though. You can also do vet nursing as an apprenticeship.

This is from RVC
CC in two A Level subjects including:


CDD in three A Level subjects including:

Biology at grade C

Two AS Levels at relevant grades would be accepted in place of one of the further A Level subjects.
We also require a 'pass' in the science practical for each subject, where taking the English curriculum.
For further information on our policy on reformed UK qualifications, please click here.
We support the opportunity to take additional subjects at AS Level, but do not prescribe or prefer any particular subject choices or combinations.
The non-prescribed A Level subjects should not overlap with Biology and cannot be General Studies.

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