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Can’t decide whether to do a year abroad :(

I’m a current law student who will have the opportunity to apply for a year abroad for the 3rd year of my course. Now considering I’ve always wanted to go to/study in America, and there is the option for me to do that in Texas, Michigan, Connecticut or Missouri, I don’t exactly know why I’m not 100% convinced to do it anymore.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do, probably since year 12 and I’ve made countless (unsuccessful) applications for similar things, like summer schools etc, but I’m not convinced that it would be worth it?? I know if I don’t do it, I will most likely regret it, but there’s also other opportunities for me to go to the US like on secondment as part of a training contract, but then I lose the whole American college type of feel as I would be working.

I understand there’s a huge money aspect to it, it’s extremely expensive despite having student loans, but I would also be eligible for the Turing Scheme which pays out monthly cost of living payments, covers visas and medical insurance etc, so pretty much all costs would be accounted for. I also have some savings set aside should I need to use them, although I’d rather not bc I’d like to save that for something in the future like a down payment on something idk. Another thing I worry about is not being accepted for the Turing scheme and then having to commit to going, even tho they prioritise disadvantaged students (ig I’m just anxious??)

There’s also the need to consider that I am an undergrad, but law is postgrad there, so I’m worried I’ll only meet post grad students, and likewise with housing, most postgrad students would be off-campus, so again I’m worried about housing situation.

I will of course be asking questions to my uni about this, and I do have a long time to decide as applications open beginning of 2nd year (this September) but I was wondering if there’s anyone here, preferably law students, who have done a year abroad who are able to offer advice on how they found it, is it worth it, and the costs (obv don’t have to be specific), but if not anyone who has done a year abroad in America dropping advice would be greatly appreciated!

Also should consider the upcoming election, with trump winning in the primaries it’s not looking great… should I let the election outcome be a deciding factor in this?
do it bro.
don't wait around for life to pass u by mate.
sure ur worried now but.
when ur done with uni
would you rather think:
"wow uni was incredible I finally fufilled my dream of studying in the USA!"
"Uni was okay, I could've done what I always wanted and gone to the US, the opportunity was at my doorstep. But I didn't"
ur decision bud
God bless

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