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European Politics KCL- need an advice

Hi everyone,
Yesterday, my brother received a conditional offer for KCL (BA in European Politics). I would need some advice about it.
Indeed, we are French and my brother is currently involved in the French admission system, which will continue until the 30th of May. He is waiting for updates about his application to Sciences Po and law undergraduate programs (La Sorbonne and Assas). According to that, he needs some time before taking any decision concerning KCL. So is it possible to wait until June before answering?
Then, if he finally chooses KCL, a financial issue comes to our minds. With Brexit, European students have to pay "overseas fees" and it is really expensive.
Are scholarships available for European students (especially French students)? Could you advise me about that?
This question leads to the next one: according to the fact that the program would be really expensive, involving 3 years abroad, etc... my parents need to be "sure" that it is a good option. I know the reputation of KCL and we are proud that my brother has been accepted in such a college but concerning European Politics itself, could I have more information?
Thank a lot for your answer

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