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Applying to a South Korean University at 22, with 3 gap year

Hi everyone,
i'm thinking about applying to a south korean university, specifically in Computer Science.

There though some doubts i want to clear first:
1) I'm currently 22, i finished high school 3 years ago and my grades are the lowest possible to graduate (like literally)
2)In the meantime i found an IT related job where i have 30 month contract (still ongoing), so i thought maybe this could give some credit to get accepted. is it like this?
3)I'm thinking before starting the university itself to first take a year in korean language institute to learn korean first, actually i think this is a must. But is it required a really high topik level before taking classed?
Or are there (CS courses specifically) more english lessons?

Thanks for your attention, hope to get a nice debate here to learn and receive the most useful informations.

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