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What uni should I pick!?

I have offers for both Aberdeen and Edinburgh Napier, both same subjects and same entry requirements. I like both unis, what should I pick!?
I don't know these unis and if you like both and they offer the same, why not go to one where your friends are also going. It will make it easier for you to settle in. Good luck
I disagree with the previous suggestion that you go where your friends are studying as you will easily make new friendship groups while beung able to maintain your current.

One thing to note, and I am not sure of the position in Aberdeen, is that the rental market for students in Edinburgh is red hot.

It's expensive and can be difficult to find accommodation after the first year in halls because it is a tourist destination.

Just something to think about and do some more research. I don't have a good understanding of student housing in Aberdeen.

Personally I love Edinburgh over Aberdeen for having a vibrant student scene (3 Unis/colleges in the city) and great social scene.

However, the rental market may be one of the trickiest outside London.
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I have offers for both Aberdeen and Edinburgh Napier, both same subjects and same entry requirements. I like both unis, what should I pick!?

Why do you want to go to university? I sounds like you are going because that is what you think you should do. I would suggest you go to university with a very specific purpose in mind which is ultimately a genuine love of a particular subject with a view of pursuing that in the medium term future, or with a particular career / job in mind. If you don't have any particular reason for going to university, why not take a few years out to discover who you are and what you like and what you are going to do with the first part of your life. Then you can decide if you need to go to university.

You only get one shot. Don't waste it like most do.
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The most likely reason that Edinburgh Napier would have the same entry requirements is that they know that the city is so well known and popular that they can ask for higher grades than their prestige would actually deserve compared to Aberdeen. (simultaneously, Aberdeen might ask for lower entry requirements than a university of the same quality because Aberdeen isn't physically close to most of the population of the UK). To be fair, it does mean that Edinburgh Napier will technically have the same standard of entrants. However perhaps they will be ones less inclined to pure academia / prestige of university.

Aberdeen is the 208th best university in the world and Edinburgh Napier is in the range 801-850. (QS Rankings 2024). Aberdeen has research quality of 76%, Edinburgh Napier 71%. 73% of Aberdeen's staff conduct high quality research, at Edinburgh Napier it's 45%. (

What is the subject?
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