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How is Computer Science BEng at University of Edinburgh?

Hello everyone,
I have to decide between UCL and Edinburgh for my Bachelors course in computer science and honestly after reading a lot of stuff about UCL's CS course I am kinda leaning towards Edinburgh. I mean both are great universities but as far as I've heard UCL's CS professors are busy with research and care little about students and teaching, and uni itself doesn't really care either so students end up just learning stuff themselves. I mean, not everyone will be satisfied with any course ofc but the amount of comments, posts and complaints really got me thinking about whether UCL is the right choice.
Anyways, my point was, are there any CS undergraduate students willing to answer some of my questions about the course and teaching at Edinburgh? If you yourself are not one, would you be willing to refer me to someone that is?

My main questions are as follows:
How is the overall teaching? Do the professors and the uni help you grasp concepts? Of course, self-study is a must for such rigorous courses but do you feel like you do all the learning by yourself or is the teaching really helpful?
How satisfied are you with your course? I imagine the workload is pretty intense which is expected but do you feel like you are really grasping concepts better and actually understanding the foundations of computer science?
Does the university respond to feedback given by students and do they try to better themselves? Again, not everything can be fixed immediately but outright ignorance and dismissal are kind of red flags.

Any help would be much appreciated as I am very torn between two universities.

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