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Attached siblings name to my final year coursework

It was really early into the morning and I had attached a cover page for presentational purposes. Little did I know word had logged my student email out and signed my siblings email in. As I had inserted the cover page, it automatically attached my siblings name in very small text and I somehow overlooked it. Now I am worried they will think it’s not my work when it 100% is. What can I expect because I’m worried this will affect me negatively. I am not worried about plagiarism or anything of that sort because as I said it is my work. But rather the possibility they’ll accuse me of having someone else’s work is keeping me anxious.

When I was in college I realised that I had forgotten to add a section into my report after I already submitted it so I somewhat understand the feeling. However, I emailed my teacher and managed to get the situation sorted out so I would recommend getting in touch with your teacher and explaining the situation.

I hope this helps :smile:


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