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History GCSE- Crime and Punishment practice question

hello, i was just wondering if someone could look at this practice question i have done. Its out of 4 and i would like to check if i got all the marks? thanks

Explain one way in which the use of prison as a punishment in the years c1700–c1900 was different from the use of prison as a punishment in the years c1900–present.
One way in which the use of prisons as a punishment has changed in the years c1700–c1900 to c1900–present was its aims and goals for the prisoners. In the period of the 1700s-1900s, prisons were mainly used as a deterrence for criminals. They were very unpleasant places and were only designed to deter crime in people rather than actually help the people on the inside. This changed over the years from the 1900s to present. This was due to Robert Peel and Elizabeth Fry. They pioneered for a change in the UK's prison system which has led to prisons being focused on rehabilitation instead of just a deterrence.
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