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Nottingham vs Cardiff Uni - Architectural engineering

Hey guys! I was looking for anyone's input on my optional insurance choice for uni. I've looked at both uni's specifications and Cardiff seems like it strays a bit with the maths whilst Nottingham heavily engages with it - though this could just be me not understanding all the topics for now haha.

Another thing is the reputation of Nottingham being pretty much described as Haddonfield with stabbing and mugging but all places in the UK are that dodgy. Accommodation too but I can deal with that.

Love any of your guys' opinions.
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Heyy!! I had the same issue as I got into both Cardiff and Nottingham for architecture. However I decided to choose Notts over Cardiff as I got a chance to visit the place and accoms etc. as well as the department in both but overall Nottingham was AMAZING in all aspects. I also had a talk about employment which apparently for archi it’s better at Notts than Cardiff. And as for the stabbing etc. I think it’s just common all over UK but the campus is def pretty safe esp the accommodation that you pick. So I’d 100% go Nottingham :smile:) hope this helps
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