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Can I change my uni insurance choice?

A while ago, I submitted my two university choices out of 5 offers. My firm choice requires A A B and my insurance choice requires B B B. I was recently thinking about how close the two requirements are, and I am now wondering if I could change my insurance choice to an equally preferred university with lower requirements, just incase. How do I change it? Is it possible to accept an offer after it has already been rejected? Should I just wait until results day and move into clearing for that university incase of other circumstances?
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After you choose your firm and insurance offers, you have 2 weeks to change them. After that, they are what they are unless you opt for clearing in August.
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There is a possibility that you may be still able to change this even after the 2 weeks grace period.
However its very complicated and you need to call UCAS to start this process. It relies on both the Unis involved being willing to do this - and in particular one Uni reinstating your offer and they may simply say No. You need to be absolutely certain that this is what you want to do - think very carefully before you pick up the phone to UCAS.

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