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KCL vs Bays(Cass) - Finance, Accounting

Hi guys!
I'm from South Korea. I've received offers from KCL and Bayes(Cass).
Could you advise me to choose one?

I want to go to the investment banking field like Goldman Sashs.

[ KCL - MSc Corporate Finance ]
- Adv: a bigger school and more alumni.
- Dis: lower ranking than Bayes in the field of Finance. Also, this course is not just Finance but Corporate Finance.

[ Bayes (Cass) - MSc Accounting and Finance ]
- Adv: higher ranking than KCL in this field and longer history of business school. Courses are balanced with accounting and original finance.
- Dis: It changed its name. (A few people know Bayes...) Not very big. Not good building and facilities(?). No campus life, I think.

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