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I used to be a topper but I’ve slacked off and now I’m a grade 6/7 student , I’m really devoted to getting back on track and willing to put in the hard work can someone please give me tips on how to get back on track ? Thanks :smile:
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I believe you’re talking about GCSEs? I’d really suggest just trying different revision techniques where you have breaks in which you can relax and do something you enjoy, then when you need to put your head down and revise you can be fulfilled from your last break and will have your next break to look forward to as a little reward. I’d also suggest putting your phone somewhere away from you so you can’t see it and get distracted whilst studying. Lastly, try to make studying fun, meet with friends for study sessions, involve games in, take plenty of breaks, etc etc.
Here’s some websites which you might have heard of but could be of great help if you haven’t already!

Physics and maths tutor (PMT)

save my exams

quizlet - revision cards

anki - revision cards

any youtube tutorials you might need to show you how to work things out in maths or science or show you how to structure an essay in english, etc

duolingo for any languages you might study

pinterest for art and photography inspo

knowunity - people share notes

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