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Time management

Hi , can someone give tips on how to manage your time effectively?
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Set Priorities: Identify your most important tasks, such as assignments with close deadlines or subjects you struggle with the most.


Use a Planner or Calendar: Write down all your assignments, exams, extracurricular activities, and other commitments. This helps you visualize your schedule and plan accordingly.


Break Tasks into Smaller Steps: Large tasks can feel overwhelming. Break them down into smaller, manageable steps and tackle them one at a time.


Allocate Time Wisely: Estimate how much time you need for each task and allocate time blocks for them in your schedule. Be realistic about how long tasks will take.


Avoid Procrastination: Procrastination can lead to rushed work and increased stress. Try techniques like the Pomodoro Technique (working for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break) to stay focused.


Limit Distractions: Find a quiet, distraction-free study environment. Turn off notifications on your phone and avoid multitasking.


Learn to Say No: While extracurricular activities are important, don't overcommit yourself. Learn to say no to activities that don't align with your priorities or goals.


Take Care of Yourself: Ensure you get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat healthily. A well-rested mind is more productive.


Review and Adjust: Regularly review your schedule and tasks to see if you're on track. Adjust your plan as needed to accommodate changes or unexpected events.


Seek Help When Needed: Don't hesitate to ask for help if you're struggling with a particular subject or task. Your teachers, classmates, or tutors can provide valuable assistance.

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Hi , can someone give tips on how to manage your time effectively?

Hey there,

Well, you can get a lot of advice on this, but it's essential to see what works for you. I would say try to observe yourself and know what's making time management hard for you. This might be different for everyone, and solving your specific issue is essential. However, these are the things that might be helpful in general.

1- Have a calendar with your deadlines/ set deadlines if you don't have one. (This is very important for effective time management, as it can be carried forward to your workplace)
2- SMART goals. (It helps to complete tasks on time, as you are splitting your tasks into manageable chunks)
3- Have a lot of breaks in between to avoid burnout.

Ps- I keep a notebook with a list of daily tasks, and it is so satisfying to tick everything off every night.

I hope this helps, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
Shri (MSc International Business Student).
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Prioritising is key

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