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Can I do medicine if re talking GCSEs?

Can I study med (age 20 almost) if I need to re take maths for the second time and english for the third time?
And all other subjects re take once?
I was mentally unwell - no diagnosis or anything (suspected autism & adhd and was bullied in past so was depressed) but I’ve now got better and ever since suffering with pcos and endometriosis I’ve been interested in women’s health and wanting to help other women and by doing that id like to become a gynaecologist that specialises in pcos , adenomyosis and endometriosis etc!

I’m also going to take GCSE’s and study them.
I’m not sure if id be accepted if I re took them?
Also have had a history of dropping out of college - but also history of completing a level 2 course related to this.
Does anyone know if this is pointless of me starting if I have no chance of getting in?
I’m then going to start an access course in medicine the year afterwards… is that possible?

Kind regards
Medicinegirl80 ☺️
I’m also going to apply to become a health care assistant to gain some medical / patient experience:smile:
Bump 🙂

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