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internasional relationship

Hi! I am currently in junior high school and in a few months I will be in senior high school but I am already confused thinking about the major I will take, I want to be a diplomat and really want to study at the University of Toronto but the major I want to take is not just international relations, there are several but what I want the most is international relations, especially since I am not yet proficient in English, in my third year of junior high school I am already afraid and confused about the future.
You need to speak with your personal tutor or school counsellor who will have already met many other similar situations. They will know you best and will be best placed to help.
Have you looked to see what qualifications are needed to enter the diplomatic service?; they may be far broader than you might think.
Good luck with your future
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thank you very much, now I am looking for a high school scholarship that makes it possible and easier to study abroad, pray for me so that I can. and for everyone, hopefully you can achieve your dreams 👋

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