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Need Help Adjusting Weighted Grade Calculator for Multiple Assessments

Hi everyone,

I'm struggling with setting up a grade calculator to accurately reflect the weighted impact of different assessments in my course. Currently, my setup doesn't seem to correctly adjust the overall grade based on the individual weight of quizzes, assignments, and exams.

For instance, I have a system where quizzes are supposed to count for 25%, assignments for 50%, and exams for 25% of the final grade. However, when I input the scores, the final grade doesn't seem to align with these percentages.

Does anyone have experience with or a template for a grade calculator that can handle multiple weighted categories effectively? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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It should take about 2 minutes to set this up on Excel / Google Sheets.
Where is the discrepancy? Put in some made up data where it is obvious what the final output should be - that should help you pinpoint it.

I used a online Grade calculator and was able to select the weight for each assignment, module and year.

I used this one :

After using it I would pop the results on an excel spreadsheet so I could keep track of everything. I found that it was pretty much 100% accurate across my entire undergraduate degree and was correct in my overall degree classification, when I imputed all my results.

I hope this helps and good luck!

Suzan - Student Ambassador

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