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Retaking Final Year of University

Hi guys, I was wondering if I could get some advice/know if anyone has been through a similar situation. Has anyone undergone the appeals process for final year results?
I've asked my university if it's possible to retake my final year of university due to extenuating circumstances, and they've stated it would have to be under the appeal panel after my results have come through. I was medically diagnosed with ADHD a week ago, with a SpLD assessment showing I had deficits of which I have to go to specialist therapy for. It's also caused comorbidities like depression and anxiety which really affected my ability to turn up to lectures and get work in. My provisions only kicked in a month ago and I will have the appropriate provisions for my exams. However, I feel as though this entire year would've been a lot different if I had known and received the correct support. Does anyone know of the likelihood my appeal would be approved? I'm obviously doing everything in my power to achieve my goals this year. But it's extremely hard without the appropriate treatment, as I won't receive it until after exams are completed.
Thank you in advance :smile:

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