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How to do well in OCR A A-Level Biology Paper 3?

Any tips on how to get an A grade in Paper 3 would be great, it's got a higher weighting in application and I'm struggling! I know to do a lot of practice questions, but anything else?
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I also really struggle with this, I’d suggest getting a tutor if you’re able to so that you can book lessons and ask questions you’re unsure about whenever but if you can’t going to your teacher to help you go through the questions you couldn’t understand after doing a past paper is also extremely helpful. OR if you can’t do that either (or don’t want to) you can always try doing a past paper then watching the walkthrough of it on youtube to understand how it should be answered. Remember your equations and definitions as they can help you understand why and how to apply a certain thing, etc. That’s all I can say - it’s pretty obvious but hopefully helped a little bit!

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