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Msc Investment Banking and Finance

Hi I have received offers from :-

1 University of Glasgow - Msc Investment Banking and Finance
2 Birmingham- Msc Management
3 Bristol - Msc Management
4 Leeds - Msc Management
5 Edinburgh- Msc Management
I aspire to build a career in finance, to further my interest and skills i am actively working on my skill ( Financial Modelling, Excel, Powerpoint,) Willing to give CFA level 1 in 2025, but before i graduate in sep 2025.

I am willing to go forward with Glasgow's Msc Investment Banking and Finance. I am here to seek advise if i am on the right path and Unviersity of Glasgow would be a good option to consider. I wish to emigrate back to India post my masters and seeking relevant work expertise in the Finance or Investment Banking sector. Here to seek advise regarding jobs post study and if the course and University are worth taking a shot.

Rajat Sharma

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