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LSE or KCL or UOM?

hii this is my first post, but i got into my top three ucas choices, social anthro at LSE and UOM and global health at KCL. and i kinda don’t know what to do now. i didn’t expect to get into all three tbh, and they all have different pros and cons and i feel like no matter where i choose i’ll be upset lmao. so here’s my pros and cons list and id really appreciate hearing an outside opinion!!
pros: lowest offer (BBC), really friendly environment, a friend goes there already, good social life (v important to me), decent on league tables/respectable, slightly more cost effective, interesting lecture/lecturer and it just generally gives me good feelings, good work life balance
cons: so far away from home, big issues with housing, not my favourite course, little opportunity for me to travel to the states, expensive to visit home, slightly worried about the lack of BAME students (don’t hear much abt them)
pros: best course, integrated year abroad (which has my dream US uni- cornell), close to home, gorgeous strand campus, many of my friends also have offers, good diversity, has always been high on my lists, very nice offer, kinda where i expected to go if i’m honest
cons: not great on the league tables (lowest of the three), not sure abt the lecturers, being in london is so expensive, stupid expensive housing (like minimum 12k for somewhere with a private bathroom), minimal social scene/community, ok work-life balance
pros: one of the best unis in the country, number 1 for social anthropology, parents love it, very well put together, great support (e.g. uni keeps in contact up to 5 years after graduating to ensure careers), faculty seems very good, love the campus, everyone thinks i should go here, housing is cheaper than KCL, incredible facilities, pretty high graduate income within 15 months, great for networking
cons: 0 social scene from my understanding, once again not my favourite course, worried about diversity, received 2 leaflet discussing sexual abuse allegations against a lecturer, little to no opportunity to go the states, also very expensive, housing is almost sold out already and it looks pretty terrible like sharing rooms and paying 9K, very work heavy, highest offer (aab)
i’m sure there’s more but that’s all that i can remember right now. thank you for any help

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