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King's business school vs Bayes business school (Cass) - MSc Finance and Accounting

Hi guys!

I got offers from King's and Bayes business school.
I am eager to go to investment banks like Goldman Sashs. Could you give me some advice to choose one?

1. King's - MSc Corporate Finance
2. Bayes - MSc Accounting and Finance

King's is a bigger school and has good facilities. Also, the programme is Finance that is a preferable major for bankers. However, this will focus on Corporate Finance not overall Finance. So, it makes me more concerned. Plus, the tuition fee is too expensive lol.

Bayes is a smaller one and has underwhelming facilities. Its programme is A+F and it seems like less preferable for investment banks, doesn't it? And this school changed its name. (A few people know Bayes...) However, it offers well-balanced and informative A+F modules, and is also one of the top schools in this field.

Overall, King's is globally more renowned, while Bayes is specifically renowned in the Business and Finance fields.

After graduation, if I couldn't secure my position in London, I will go back to my country. In this case, King's must be more reputable than Bayes.

I'm truly struggling to choose which one.
Help me!!
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You don’t need a masters to break into banking, what’s making you get one.
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Original post by kash22030
You don’t need a masters to break into banking, what’s making you get one.

Because I do not have any experience in the banking field and I want to go to the UK! So I think the master's degree in London might act as a bridge for me, right?
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Either go to target uni and if you don’t qualify for one then go with one that provides the best ROI. For investment banking the route is extremely traditional still - be a consistent overachiever at school, unique extracurricular activities interesting enough to spark recruiters curiosity, undergrad at target uni where you spend every break at an internship ideally in a bulge bracket bank, pass with flying colors, crack at least 3-4 rounds of interview to get face time with the interviewer and then hope lil bit of luck swings your way to get that congratulatory call. After that, no further studies is required cuz you are spending 100+ hrs at work on live deals for the first 5yrs easily. The other way is you know someone really important. Semi target do make it to investment banking but what they don’t tell you is they gained most of work ex at big 4 on the consulting side in proxy ib roles like m&a or cap markets.

if you want to go for mid office finance roles then pick a core masters program(finance, eco or maths) at any uk top 20uni, wherever fees is decent but comes with scholarships between of 5-10k, back it up with CFA L1 or FRM by the time you get out of uni. You can also try other countries but investment banking target uni.
@Briecheeese can i add u on socials - im doing account and finance and bayes as well!

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