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Looking for current Engineering Science students for group management | SQA Material

I've got an old group that's a year old on TSR and I believe since it has been a year and I was not the best in Engineering Science (or competent past a B level), would anyone in the SQA Engineering Science who is currently doing it or are a graduate with a distinction grade (A2-A1) want to lead the group while I and possibly another inactive guy (whose also in the group, it's only us 2 atm) focus on things outside engineering science? In that way, the group doesn't have to be deleted and I can have some "tutors" (volunteering and sharing wisdom) to take over the social group.

This is the group here, it was intended to help higher students but I think Nat5 Eng. Sci. is similar so we should target anyone completing secondary school's Eng. Sci.

Thanks for your consideration.
This is the group for reference:

Also, is anyone doing Adv Higher for Eng?
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