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Transfer to another uni in the UK on a Tier 4 Visa as an International student

I have digged about it pretty much everywhere and the results are kind of confusing. I am currently studying at an University in Wales and willing to move to another university in the second year. The reasons are basic like this university is just not it for me and their modules are somewhat subpar as well. As I am an international student on a Tier 4 visa, I do acknowledge that my university is the sponsor of my visa and the first thing anyone would suggest me to do is go back to my home country and apply from there. Now, that's a lot of hassle for an international student and no one wants to go through that. So, I want to know what else can be a possible option to proceed to transfer in another university and switch my visa sponsor without going through the whole process of getting a new visa from home country? Note: I have mailed my current uni, they said they can't do anything because of the UKVI regulations and I have to go back and apply for the visa to transfer. I have mailed one uni that I want to transfer to, they also said they will need me to go back and make a nee visa application. What do I do now? Do I look for other universities that might possibly accept me whilst on this visa? I'm looking forward to precise suggestions, many thanks.

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