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2024 powe and conflicts prediction

What should I revise for
bare ppl are saying it'll be an identity poem, so be prepared for that, but why not just do every poem?
Original post by Falistinprincess
(btw its me A.A)

oh lmao 🤣 man i got confused for a sec.
Original post by Falistinprincess
sorry battle machine - im getting blocked everywhere and i cant send a pm for some reason - can u send ur discord?

my discord is battle_machine07.
fyi battle machine part comes from clash of clans so yeah 🤣..
Original post by Falistinprincess
ooohhh right 🤣 i get it now - ok so i sent u a friend request but basically i just joined it so i have no clue what 2 do. i made a server thing but idk how to add u on lol.
do i have to send u the serverlink or smthing??

si.yes u do.lmao

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