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Where should I do my A-levels??HELP

pls help me-
SO I have 2 main and very opposite ideas of where I will be in year 12. Also the reason I am hesitant about private sixth form is because my parents aren't like crazy rich and I am worried that it might put a financial strain on my family. My dad tells me our family has enough but my mum keeps making me feel guilty saying that we don't. I genuinely need help.
BTW i currently go to a state school and always have done.

Option 1:
A college
Class size of 30ish
Mixed gender
Very busy- less teacher attention?
1 hour journey from home
Some really good grades
Worries- it is a big place with lots of ppl, don't think i will learn with less attention from teacher. it is SO FAR from home and i will spend so much time travelling by train and walking there.

Option 2:
Private sixth form
Class size of 5 or 10
All girls' school
Nice school
More really good grades
20 minutes from home
Worries - i am worried that after my parents paying i may not get the best grades and then will feel very guilty. If I wasn't worried about whether my parent's could afford it I'd love to go here
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A Levels needs independent study, and a lot of the times teachers will be there to guide you but not spoon feed you or pressure you as much as they did during your GCSEs. So you will be left alone to do the brunt work by yourself. Are you someone who prefers a lot more teacher support or are you confident in independently studying? Also I personally would prefer the private since its girls only which reduces a lot of stress in terms of drama, boys, situation ships, etc, so you can fully focus on your studies. However you will have to unfortunately consider bullying, but often during A Levels no one has time to even think of bullying. Also the travel time seems to favor the private which gives you more disposable time for yourself.
In terms of the finance I think you really have to sit down with both your parents and discuss it openly and truthfully. I can relate to having a mum who makes you feel guilty about spending money, so I think you really should sit down and have an open talk about the funding.
So far I'm kind of recommending the private because they will additionally offer you more opportunities in terms of extra curriculars and enhancing your university appeal.

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