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PASS card to back up an expired passport as ID for bars and clubs?

This is my first time posting on here but I have to ask, not for me, for my friend. It’s our best friend’s 18th birthday this saturday and one of my friends is 18 already but only has an expired passport (she was around 10 in the photo) and a PASS card (citizen card, proof of age card etc). Has anyone ever used a PASS card to get into bars and clubs and has it worked? Will it work if she uses it to back up her expired passport? Will both work just fine on their own? Nobody I know has ever used one before so I have to ask on their behalf on here. The rest of us have valid passports or driving licenses but will a PASS card work just the same? Thanks! (side note: not that it matters much to bouncers but they’ve been 18 for over a month and has multiple visible tattoos)
My son used one he got via the Post Office and found that it usually worked fine. Sometimes door staff might not be sure but if you politely ask the Supervisor they will certainly know and check the PASS hologram etc.
Of course, they might still only want over 21s or over 25s. It'll depend on the bar. Just because you may be old enough, it doesn't mean they'll have to let you in ... Hope you have a great night out.

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