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Parental income


My daughter is off to university in sept.

She does not live with me (mother), she lives with her step father.

We just need to know who needs to complete what regarding student finance. We have had different answers from phone calls and she has now received a letter stating she is getting minimum loan. But she says she hasn't sent any evidence of my or her step fathers income.
It’s up to her to decide which parent she wants to support her application.

She can’t nominate a step parent alone. She needs to nominate a parent. That parent then provides their household income (ie their income plus the income of any person they live with)

I would contact student finance again, and explain your situation, and that you haven’t sent them any evidence. It could be that they have just assumed that your income is above a certain amount and have allocated the minimum amount of student finance, if it’s taken a little while to send of the evidence.

This is a link from GOV.UK that explains about sending evidence and the steps that you need to take. There’s also a form on there that you can download and fill in, and then attach it to the SFE account or send it via the post.

I hope this helps!

Suzan - Student Ambassador

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