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Do I have enough experience? (Cognitive Neuroscience)

I am currently in my second year of my undergrad psychology course, about to start my 3rd, and I’ve been looking at potential masters/postgrad options. At the moment, I’m leaning towards doing a cognitive neuroscience masters or mphil.

At the moment, I’m expecting to finish my undergrad with a first, and so far the experience I’ve managed to gather consists of:
- 6 Months of SEN Teaching assistant work
- 240 Hours of international mental health volunteering
- 60 hour placement as a research assistant in a lab (In Uni)
- Week long program as a wildlife research assistant on an island (With Uni)

Do I have enough experience to get onto an Mphil/PHD postgrad course within cognitive neuroscience or should I just try for a masters? Any advice would be really appreciated as I haven’t managed to find anyone in my uni who has experience within cognitive neuroscience.
PhD or MPhil for cognitive neuroscience will be research not practical based. This means it will be more based on (1) your research idea (unless you apply for a specific programme) and (2) your proof of research skills, which you may be able to do as part of undergrad or may be done through your PhD (I've seen some in the past advertised as a 1+3 for example)
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I think you can get a place if you have a nice research proposal! However, funding applications in this field are usually highly competitive, to improve your chances, you could start looking into funded PhD positions and other potential funding sources from now.

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