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AQA GCSE Religious Studies Short course (05/01/8061) - 16th May 2024 [Exam Chat]


How did your AQA GCSE Religious Studies Short course exam go?

AQA GCSE Religious Studies Short course (05/01/8061) | 16th May 2024 [Exam Chat]

Welcome to the exam discussion thread for this exam. Introduce yourself! Let others know what you're aiming for in your exams, what you are struggling with in your revision or anything else.
Wishing you all the best of luck.

General Information
Date/Time: 16th May 2024 PM
Length: 1h 45m

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GCSE Religious Studies: Short course
(edited 1 month ago)
anyone got any predictions for islam/christianity?
thanks xx
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Only three days to go. Anyone got any predictions?
Original post by emily_0m
For Islam I think Angels may come up and the Imamate because they last came up in 2020. For Christianity I think the Creation, Salvation and the Incarnation will come up cause they haven't come up for a while.

would they repeat that though?
any more predictions for christianity and islam
guys what were the 12 markers for islam and christianity 2023 short course thanks xx

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