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Seeking Summer Internships!

Hello, all so I'm seeking a summer internship for my summer holiday.. I need your guides to get one this year
and I have provided everything I have achieved and capable of

Technical Skills:
· Languages: C, Python, Java, SQL, JavaScript
· Tools: Microsoft Office, MicroPython activities, practical equipment usage
· Other: Creative writing, problem-solving, programming languages

BSc Computer Science, London South Bank University
(September 2022 present)
· Developed effective time management skills, handling multiple deadlines and projects efficiently.
· Honoured collaborative skills through group projects, enhancing analytical and conceptual thinking capabilities.
· Enhanced communication skills, both written and verbal, through essays, presentations, and abstracts.
Notable modules: Data Structure&Algrothim, Fundamental of Software Development, Big Data and Database Systems.

A-levels: Welling School
(September 2019 - 2022)
· Business Studies (Distinction)
· Media Studies (E)
· Applied Science (Distinction)
· Financial Studies (C)
· Extended Project Qualification (D)
Achieved 8 GCSEs with grades ranging from 4 to 5 in English, Mathematics, and Science.

Work Experience:
STEM Ambassador, STEM Women
February 2024 - present
· Responsible for efficiently checking in attendees and ensuring a smooth registration process. · Engaged in meaningful conversations with both event attendees and recruiters.
· Successfully connected with recruiters, fostering valuable networking opportunities.
· Played a crucial role in creating a positive and engaging atmosphere at the event.

CSI Student Ambassador, London South Bank University
February 2024 - present
· Academic programs, and student life to provide an engaging and informative experience for visitors. · Interacted with prospective students and their families, answering questions, and providing insights into the university experience from a student's perspective.
· Demonstrated strong communication skills and professionalism while representing the university and fostering positive relationships with visitors.

Student Demonstrator, London South Bank University
October 2023 Dec 2023
· Hands-on Facilitator: Applied hands-on expertise with practical equipment in MicroPython and Micro-Controllers, specifically in controlling robot cars with ARM Micro-Controllers. Created engaging and interactive learning experiences for students.
· Debugging: Provided valuable support by troubleshooting and debugging code, ensuring smooth operation of projects.
· Collaborative Leader: Facilitated seamless collaboration with fellow demonstrators and faculty, contributing to a positive and productive learning environment.

Retail Assistant
Cancer Research UK
December 2021 - Apr 2023
· Innovative Merchandising: Implemented cutting-edge shop floor layouts, significantly enhancing customer experience and daily revenue.
· Customer Engagement Specialist: Consulted with an average of 10 customers per hour, demonstrating exceptional product knowledge and persuasive communication.
· Creative Problem Solver: Resolved intricate customer complaints and merchandising issues with innovative solutions, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Action Tutoring Oct 2023 Feb 2024
· Fundamental Skills Reinforcement: Reinforced fundamental mathematical skills and concepts, enabling students to build advanced knowledge.

Cancer Research Apr 2021 - Dec 2021
· Volunteered at my local Cancer Research as a Shop Floor Assistant to further develop my communication, interpersonal skills and support the local community.

Extra-curricular activities:
BCSWomen Lovelace (University of Sheffield 2023), (University of Liverpool 2024)
· Compelling Presenter: Delivered persuasive presentations in 2023 on "Gender Gap in STEM," generating awareness and stimulating conversations among peers and industry professionals.
Presentation in 2024 on “A Social Media Fake News Detection Model (SMFNDM) Based on Sentiment-Analysis of News Content and Emotion-Analysis of Users' Comments”
· Strategic Networker: Forged robust professional connections through active participation, fostering relationships with influential individuals in the computer science and tech industry.

SummIT (London South Bank University)
· Strategic Learner: Engaged with tech specialists, gaining insights into market demands and trends, enhancing strategic thinking and adaptability.
· Empowered Speaker: Completed public speaking training, demonstrating confidence and eloquence vital for effective communication in professional settings.

Unibots UK (University of Cambridge)
· Innovative Problem Solver: Contributed significantly to a winning team project, showcasing creativity and technical prowess, resulting in the 3rd place at the Unibots UK 2023 competition.
Resulting in 2nd place at Unibots UK 2024 competition.
· Collaborative Team Player: Developed robust teamwork and collaboration skills, ensuring seamless communication and synergy within the team.
· Leadership: Spearheaded the team as the appointed leader during both the competition day and the months of preparation leading up to it, effectively coordinating tasks, motivating team members, and strategically guiding the project to success.

LEGO Robotic Training (London South Bank University)
· Future Ambassador: Enrolled in the LEGO robotic training program with a commitment to becoming a student ambassador, aiming to share knowledge and inspire future generations in computing.

External Achievements:
- Won Jack Petchey foundation Award - 2018
- Deputy Head Girl in my sixth form - 2021
- Joining the Marketing team for my university - 2024

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