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Key factors to consider when choosing a university

Hi all!

Making a decision on what uni to choose can be difficult, so I thought I would share some of my deciding factors and whether I think they are important now I am at university.

(For context I am at Kingston studying fashion promotion and communication)

Location. Moving out for the first time this was important to me, that I went somewhere where I could see myself living.

After living in Kingston now for over six months I have seen how your environment really can have a big impact on your wellbeing. Being able to go outdoors and sit by the river has been something I have really enjoyed. And exploring London has been exciting for me. I have also so found great internship opportunities in London from the array of opportunities it has to offer.

The course. This is the reason for going to university, so it’s definitely something to get right! For me I made sure that I chose a university where the course content interested me and was useful, as it is what I will be spending most of my time on each week.

I am glad I did my research into what each course entailed as I have really enjoyed the projects I have worked on in my first year and found them relevant to working in industry.

Facilities and support. Your tuition doesn’t just pay for the setting up and teaching of your course it also pays for all the facilities and support that university offers.

Since being at university I have found myself spending lots of time in the library and studios using the facilities. The library has been helpful in allowing me to concentrate and be productive with completing work, and the online library service has allowed me to easily find all the resources I need to undertake research on my projects. I have also used services like the Careers Centre and the wellbeing support, to help with university life.

I hope this helps anyone currently trying to make a decision and please share any other key deciding factors you may have had to help others 😊

-Grace (Kingston Rep)

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