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I am so scared of missing my uni offer

I'm doing so much revision and trying as hard as I can with my a-levels, but the thought of me missing my offer gives me so much anxiety.
Its all I can think about and I don't know how I'd ever forgive myself if I did. Anyone else feeling this way?
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im doing this now and im only in GCSE
but i feel like if u think about it too much, it stops u from enjoying life
so i would put my goal on a piece of paper look at it and be like, im going to achieve
it decreases the stress and anxiety of failing
Hi there,

This is completely relatable and understandable. I'm actually a final year student at university but, in all honesty, I thought I wouldn't make it this far in life.

During my A-levels, I decided to study English Literature, Psychology and Physics. I hated Physics with a passion and honestly thought I was going to fail this subject and not get into university. I even went to my head of year and asked whether I'd be able to change subjects but they said no to me.
Then covid-19 happened and thought 'this is it... I screwed it all up.' But actually I saw covid-19 as something I could benefit from since my grades were based off the internal exams held during class (as we had no external exams as a result of covid-19), not that I was achieving great grades on these exams anyways.
I still persevered and my final grades for physics were a D. I didn't fail but I thought it might not be high enough to get accepted into university. That's when I realised I had also been eligible for a Turing scheme. The Turing scheme basically lowered my offer down from BBB to CCC. This really helped me get accepted into university. Although I was on the verge of screwing my life up, luck was on my side. As a result, I used this opportunity to study really hard in university and here I am almost graduating soon.

When I did start university, I had only realised then that even if I did not get the grades I needed, there were alternative routes to pursue. I could have applied for an apprenticeship or went to college then university. I know some people who have a successful job but never even went to university or completed their A-levels.

I realised no matter what happens it's not the end of the world as long as you continue to work hard and persevere. All the hard-work will pay off eventually, although the actual process can be painful to go through.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Coventry University Student Ambassador

(You got this!! :biggrin:)
Try your best and that's all you can do, as well as prepare.

You can study any degree you want at The Open University.

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