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Higher Modern Studies - Paper 1 - 30th April 2024 [Exam Chat]

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Date/Time: 30 May/ 09:00-10:45

Good luck!
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First reply! I literally hate the Underdevelopment in Africa topic and I'm pretty sure it's going to end up being the 20 marker 🤮

Can anyone give me any tips? Would the generic statement below be 1 knowledge and 1 analysis?

"Malaria reduces the number of able-bodied workers and puts strain on health services. This could result in fewer people being employed in Sub-Saharan Africa, which could negatively impact the economy and affect services such as education, with children possibly missing school and teachers being off sick due to the disease."

Struggling with everything in Higher due to all the statistics. Hoping that for Social Inequality, we get a Government Response to Inequality or Effects on Groups and that in Democracy, we get Pressure Groups or Future Governance of Scotland!
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That was about the best paper we could have possibly asked for to be honest. I did pressure groups, causes of wealth inequalities, and causes of terrorism. I think I've done quite well but I feel like I must have made some kind of stupid mistake as well.
no honestly that exam paper was so good, I was preparing for the worst coming up to the exam haha
I did voting systems, causes of crime, and then causes of underdevelopment, so happy with how it went though

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