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Maastricht University for International Business VS Tilburg University IBA

Hi everyone, I am a international student but also a dutch citizen and recently got accepted (conditionally) into both Tilburg and Maastricht, but I don't know which one I want to go to as I got waitlisted at UVA. Which one is better, since the degrees are similar but also different in terms of the syllabus.

I looked at the rankings for best universities in the world with Maastricht being 256 and Tilburg being 371, but for a bachelor in business, Maastricht ranks 151-200 while Tilburg ranks 103, so I am confused as to which one to choose.

It it also important for me that the university has a women basketball team that competes. Also how is the student life in both cities, I have heard rumors that Tilburg is known as one of the "dead cities" in NL, personally I would like a more lively city to live in, which would you recommend? Another thing that is important for me is how the university will help me in the future since MU has a triple accreditation while TU has 1, as well as the bachelor set up for jobs in the future.

Can someone give me advice or their opinion on what would be the best option considering my current interests and future?

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