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is it worth staying at home for uni?

not sure if it’s a good idea or not
Pluses - you save money and have the more immediate support of your family.
Minuses - you wont have the leaving home and learning how to cope on your own experience, and you will tend to rely on old friendships and not make new ones. Depending on how far you are from the Uni, you won't 'join in' as much which will jave an impact on your overall student experience and sense of 'being at Uni'.
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not sure if it’s a good idea or not


I personally stayed at home for uni due to health reasons, but I found that as long as I made the effort to join societies, talk to people on my course and attend events, I had no problems making friends. Plus I saved a lot of money that would have gone towards rent and food.

It does depend on how far away you live, as this can restrict the types of activities you engage in. I lived 10 minutes away from my uni so this wasn’t an issue at all for me! However, I will say that you do miss out on the dorm experience. Which could be a positive or a negative depending on who you ask! ☺️ But I think if you try to make the most of your time, it shouldn’t matter where you live!

Hope this helps!

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Original post by emzies
not sure if it’s a good idea or not

its not.
Original post by emzies
not sure if it’s a good idea or not

HI there,

This differs for everyone so I thought I'd give my pros/cons for both staying at home and living at uni in accommodation.

Pros for staying at home:

You will save money on rent and bills and even things like your food shopping and going out. Even if you pay rent at home or contribute towards other things, it won't be as much as you would be paying to live in accommodation at uni.

You will be with all of your friends and family. You will still be able to stay with everyone you know and se your friends and family lots. You also won't get the homesickness you might get at uni.

When it is exam or deadline season, you will be in the comfort of your home revising etc which some people like being at home and having their home comforts around them at this time.

Pros for living in University accommodation:

You will live close by to uni so you won't have to spend time and money commuting to uni each day. It's worth thinking about how much the commute would cost you as you would have to pay this living at home and if you end up being in uni every day this could add up and it can also take a while out of your day.

You will meet lots of new people and get to live with a group of people your age! I've found this to be a fun experience as you will be living with lots of people you otherwise may not have met.

You get to be a lot more independent and have lots more freedom than you might have at home. You can do anything that you want to do! It's also good to learn new skills such as cooking and living independently that you otherwise may not learn.

It's easier to go on spontaneous trips out/ nights out etc as you are already there so if people are going out you can be there to join in too. It's also easier to join societies as you will be nearby to go to the sessions, socials etc.

Overall, I would say that I am glad that I loved in halls as I really enjoyed it. However, some people don't have a good time so it depends on each person really. There's also nothing to say that you can't join societies or go out with people if you live at home, you'll just have to travel further! I know lots of people who live at home and don't miss out so it's different for everyone.

I hope some of this helps,

Lucy -SHU student ambassador.

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