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Can someone give me tips to revise
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Exams tomorrow you're cooked💀
Original post by Userrrr314
Can someone give me tips to revise

you've still got a bit of time to revise so I'd just go over all like your knowledge marks, just come up w/ the analysis on the spot in the exam as rn you probably don't have the time to revise that right now. Read your notes and then try to write them out without looking at the notes or saying them out loud without looking at your notes to see whether you've memorised it or not. It's a bit boring but it does work.

For paper 2, try and remember the basic structures to go with each question, they're all very similar so that isn't an issue, and try and remeber which things make a source reliable/unreliable for the reliability question.

If you really don't feel like you have a lot of time, pick one of the three topics (I'd pick democracy as it's nearly 100% that it'll be the 20 marker) and memorise enough knowledge marks for 4 subtopics, and just hope you get a good grade from your coursework and the paper 2 exam. If you get like 17 marks in paper one but also do really well in paper 2 and coursework you could scrape getting a B.

Also side note, for the 2 20 marker questions, it's minimal but make sure you at least get an intro and conclusion written for both so you get structure marks, even if your actual essay is kind of a mess, it'll only add 4 more marks onto your grade but it could make a difference!

Good luck!!
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