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SAIS MAIR vs. Europen Affairs Double Degree Sciences Po/LSE

Hi everyone,

I'm currently facing a big decision regarding my Master's studies, and I could really use some advice from this community. Let me share a bit about where I'm at and what's on my mind:

I'm an International Relations student from Germany, with a strong interest in the European Union (EU), Russian and Eastern Europe. I could imagine to work at EU institutions in Brussels in the future, but I'm not very sure about this. I've been lucky enough to be accepted to the following degrees and received scholarships and financial aid that cover most of my expenses.

Here are the programs I'm considering:

1. Master of International Relations at Johns Hopkins University SAIS - I would spend a year at the SAIS Europe Campus in Bologna, Italy and another in Washington DC. This program offers a hands-on education, as the curriculum includes economics, research skills and data analysis. SAIS has great courses about Russia/Eastern Europe, but only a few about EU foreign policy, therefore I'm a bit concerned about the limited EU-focused courses.

2. Double Degree European Affairs at Sciences Po and LSE - This option sounds intriguing because it allows me to study in two different European cities. It seems like a great way to dive deep into EU-related studies while experiencing different academic environments of two renowned universities. The double degree program offers the opportunity to place a strong focus on the EU and its foreign and enlargement policy. I am currently very interested in this and if I am actually going to work in this area, this would undoubtedly be a good choice. However, I am worried that I will become too narrowly focused on a specific topic and limit my options as a result.

3. Master of International Governance and Diplomacy at Sciences Po - This program offers a broader focus on diplomacy and policy analysis, with a regional emphasis on Europe. The advantage here is that I would have more practical courses. I also think it would be more relaxed to study in one place for two years and I could deepen my knowledge of French in Paris, which could be very important for my career.

To sum up, I'm torn between pursuing a very prestigious but more broad education in the US or focusing on European studies in Europe.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and insights on these programs, especially if you have any experience with them or expertise in International Relations and European Affairs, or experiences regarding career opportunities.

Thank you for your help!

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