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gyg 2024!!

I'm in year 10, but we have 2 modules this year (not that much but on top of internal exams, volunteering and social life its quite hectic!!). I'm doing my RE philosophy exam, and English Animal farm and unseen prose!
My percentages for my exams (we didnt get proper grades :frown: )
re- 95
english lit-98
english lang-94
they're pretty good, but they were only a small part of the course so i need to work to keep up the grades haha!
I've not done much of my gcse, only my controlled assesments (30/30 and im getting the next one back tmrw- i'll keep you updated!)
Days until my exams are over- 40 days!
today i managed to do-
a full english lit paper 1 (idk how to mark it so i'll ask my teacher)
1 hour history revision of NI, plus a sources question (HW)
1 and a half hours of german, mostly speaking preparation (also a HW )
both these homeworks should be useful for exam prep! 🙂
didn't get as much as i wanted done (i could've done an hour more history, and i would've liked to get some RE done, but oh well!)
I'm going to go watch Gilmore girls now, wish me luck for my controlled assessment results tomorrow! 🙂

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