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My Website Created For Business Class FOOD BLOG

Hi there, students i have created a website for my business class. It is for Business Fundamentals and is built on a Food Blog. It is on going for the next couple of months and wondering if you can give feedback
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Your site says:

"Total Foods is about Keeping up to date with new Food Releases and staying in touch with the Fast Food Industry. Big Chains Such As McDonalds, KFC & Burger King!" and "Total Foods is a business that focuses on providing a wide range of high-quality and nutritious food products, with a commitment to offering healthy and delicious options..."

Which is it? :dontknow:

Plus check your spelling...

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Hi there, nice to meet you , hope you’ve had a good day! Thank you for getting in touch with us . I will gladly welcome your feedback! :smile: Total foods is a website that is built to go for carbs of really good food and to welcome healthy living at the same time. Total foods is a food blog that takes the best food we believe is attractive to the public and ourselves. I.e McDonald’s , KFC and Burger King the biggest food chains and to adapt to their food cuisine. It is a trail run the website and I am still developing it to meet the consumers satisfaction. If you have any suggestions that would be gladly adhered to. I will have a look at the spelling mistakes. Thank you so much for you feedback! :smile:

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