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Your dp/dV = on the left doesnt make sense. Just differentate the equation (differentiate both sides with respect to V without the extra dp/dV) at the start and rearrange for dp/dV. So its just a small change to your answer.

Note you could rearrange the original equation as p = ... then differentiate, though doing it implicitly, so differentiate then rearrange gives an equivalent result.
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IMG_0965.jpegThank you, I’m not really sure why I did that, I’d put a colon and then turned it into an equals sign. I don’t suppose you’d mind taking a look at a failed part b now, working attached? Thanks in advance

Dont understand the right hand side of line 2. You need to use the product rule as its ~T*exp(1/TV) and dont really understand how you end up with the exponential derivative expressions.

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