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How do I revise A level History before my exams?

I do AQA 1C and 2O, I'm currently a B grade student and my main problem is retaining factual detail. I have my Tudors exam in 24 days, however 2 different exams prior, and I'm not sure how to go about fully memorising the data efficiently in such short notice.

I have my revision notes and all, just simply unsure how to utilise them to the best I can. Does anyone have any tips?
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Not sure if it'll work for everyone, but what I do is have lots and lots of flashcards with small bits of information. I find these easier to go through than a smaller volume of cards with greater amounts of information on them. I then also like blurting key dates, names, and impacts of events.
I completely agree with the other comment but I would also do blurting!! Read a section of your textbook and write it out (mind map, bullet points or essay plan) as active recall is the best way to memorise information! Also figure out your weakest topics and tackle those first xx

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