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My gf watched and read a lot of things related to porn and 18+ content and yea I don’t mind that sometimes I just go along with it every times she talk about it. one day, while we were taking about those stuff, I ask her “what happened if we didn’t met and you met someone else, would you do that with them” she said yes, which is normal I think and then I ask what would you do if they’re just come after your body” she replied “as long as they use protection” *with normal face* (she’s still V). I think this is because of those content she has been watched and read since she was 15 and now she’s now 19. (In our culture, when it comes to women and v*rginity, there are strict norms and it's a sensitive topic). what do u think?
It sounds like there might be a difference in values and cultural norms between you and your girlfriend. Have open and honest communication about these topics, as they can be sensitive and significant in a relationship. Ofc it influenced her perspective on these matters, but ultimately, it's essential to TRY understand each other's beliefs and boundaries and to TRY respect them. If you feel uncomfortable or have concerns, discuss them openly with her and find a mutual understanding and respect for each other's values.

Yikes sounds like an obsession and a weird interest she’s got there
I don't understand what you're asking. As far as I can tell, your girlfriend has watched a lot of porn and similar material. She's a virgin, but she's said that if she was in a relationship with another guy she would have sex with them, even if their interest in her was purely to have sex. And, presumably, if she was happy to have sex with them. But she's not doing that, because she's chosen to be in a relationship with you. All sounds perfectly fine to me, and a perfectly normal thought process for a 19 year old to have. The reality is that 19 year olds, like anyone else of consenting age, are allowed to have sex just for the pleasure of it. I appreciate the cultural elements at play here, but frankly such cultures are very often misogynistic, as this one appears to be given that you've mentioned it related specifically to women. So as much as it may be relevant to you and your girlfriend, I don't pay it any regard personally. She's an adult woman who can decide for herself what she watches and who she has sex with. As it happens, she's decided to be in a relationship with you. The fact that she's open about other desires she has and what she might do otherwise is a good thing if anything. It shows she's happy to communicate those to you and be honest about them, which is noteworthy, particularly given the cultural factors around such things.

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