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Is It Worth Bringing Up An Unfair Deduction Of Marks Over A TINY Spelling Error?

Just wondering but, before my marks are finalised in about 2 months, would you say it is worth, I suppose questioning may be the right word a loss in marks over a tiny spelling error?

Long story short, I spelled Diabetes Mellitus as "Diabetes Melitis" with my lecturer correcting it and stating "MSc students should not have such silly spelling errors within their work, please take care in the future", I thought fair enough, a simply comment telling me to be more careful in the future before at the end of the work, it was made clear this cost me marks in the grammar section of my coursework...

I don't know how many marks were deducted and I did walk out with a distinction in that piece (70%) as it was a case study (translation, diagnose the patient, explain how the disease occurred and recommend relevant treatment) but I think this was insanely harsh...

Opinions please?
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Harsh for sure but you got a good grade so really no point. Discuss your concerns with the marker to gain clarity

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