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Biomedicine foundation year

Currently I am taking levels business bio and psychology however lots of uni doesn't take these subjects combination
1)would it be worth it to take a foundation year in order to apply for uni I like (if I take foundation year does it mean easier for me to get into Biomedical)
2) is it more worth it to just not take foundation year
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Taking a foundation year can be a great option if you're set on pursuing a specific degree but your current subject combination may not meet the entry requirements for certain universities.

1) Taking a foundation year can indeed make it easier to get into biomedical programs, as it bridges any gaps between your current qualifications and the requirements for your desired degree. It can also give you time to explore your interests and ensure that biomedical science is the right path for you.

2) If you're confident in your current subject choices and believe you can meet the entry requirements without a foundation year, that could be a more direct route.

You’re gaining more knowledge and learning the basics in foundation year so really and truly is not a waste of time if it’s the subject you do wanna take
Why didnt you take A level Chemistry.
If its because you 'dont like Chemistry' then you may need to rethink doing a degree subject that relies on it.

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