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LSE or St Andrews for IR?

Bsc IR and History at LSE
Mlitt IR at St Andrews
BA War Studies and History at KCL
BA History and Politics at Warwick

Got offers from these four. Have more or less narrowed it down to LSE and St Andrews.
Main concern with St Andrews is the lack of opportunities to intern and work part-time alongside my studies in a think-tank or something of that nature. Also have misgivings with regards to its 'brand' value (though I know the dept for IR, specifically, has a strong domestic and intl reputation). I'm also pretty confused with how competitive (or not) the course is. I've heard a range of "offer rate" statistics (8% for IR in 2023 to 20% for IR in 2023 and 30% from someone else). I know for IR and History at LSE the offer rate last year was 10%. I understand this might seem trivial but I'd like to know anyway (if anyone knows the actual/real offer rate). I'm also determined to study abroad at some point in uni. In St Andrews, study abroad is integrated - I'd be able to go study abroad as part of my 4 year degree. However, if I miss out - I'd still have to do the four years. Whereas, with LSE if I miss out on study abroad I'd just have to do the 3 years.

Not surprisingly, with LSE my main concern would be the cost of living and low student satisfaction. I've already firmed but there's still an inkling of doubt in my mind. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could either allay these doubts or make a good case for St Andrews.
PS: I've been to offer holder/ open days for both unis. I like the look of St Andrews (from an aesthetic standpoint) but wouldn't mind living in London too much (would be a nice change of place).

Thank you for your time.

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