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LIPA musical theatre

So basically trying to figure out of LIPA’s musical theatre degree (acting musical theatre) is regarded well in the industry? I’ve heard good things about them through word of mouth but nothing really online that would indicate them being well regarded.
I would really like to go (still waiting to hear back after my recall in January) but also trying to weigh up if I should take the plunge (if I get the offer) or wait and try out for somewhere more regarded after a foundation year somewhere? (e.g Mountview, GSA)
Any thoughts?
Its a very new degree (the current 1st year is the first cohort) so they have no graduate outcomes yet. However indications are that (like it's acting degrees) it will be highly regarded. Not quite in the same league as the likes of Mountview and GSA but higher than a lot of the newer colleges that are springing up everywhere.

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